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Cost-Effective New Business Development
List of Lecture Subjects

The following is a list of the lecture subjects and approximate playing times (Total time is 5 hours 20 minutes):

Part I – Introduction: Federal Government Solicitations and How to Win New Business Contracts. (7 minutes)

Part II – Government Solicitations: How Government Prepares its Solicitations for Products and Services and Evaluates Proposals. (42 minutes)

Part III – Analyzing Government Solicitations: How to analyze Government solicitations to be 100% compliant with format requirements and 100% responsive to program requirements. (15 minutes)

Part IV – Win Strategies and Win Themes Development: How to develop effective win strategies and themes to communicate your discriminators. (20 minutes)

Part V – Organizing your Proposal Team and Planning Your Response: How to organize your proposal team and your response to be most effective and most efficient. (30 minutes)

Part VI – Managing Your Response: How to manage your response to save time and Bid & Proposal money.
(61  minutes)

Part VII – Writing Winning Sales Documents: How to convince the Government to choose you over all others—even those with a lower price. (65  minutes)

Part VIII – Risk Assessment and Mitigation: How to convince your customer that his/her career is safe with your Risk Management Plan. (12  minutes)

Part IX – Integrated Program Management (IPM): Why it’s important and how to do it with a common numbering scheme. (32  minutes)

Part X – Proposal Reviews and The End Game: How to benefit from your last chance to “get it right”.
(25  minutes)

Part XI – Post Submission Actions: What to do after you submit your proposal. (5  minutes)

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