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"Believe me, without you both [Paula and Rob Ransone], we wouldn't have made it . . . Your ideas, comments, support and hands-on effort contributed to what I believe to be a good proposal . . . thanks for a job well done. Looking forward to working with you both sometime in the future."
Litton ATD
BCIS Proposal Manager

"Rob did a terrific job. He started with 'nothing' and wrote an excellent proposal."
Westinghouse Norden Systems
Proposal Manager

"How do you write the way you do? Can you teach me to write like that?"
Marconi Dynamics, Inc.
Proposal Section Manager

"Rob's 'do it right the first time' approach resulted in only minor changes to the text and art work between drafts and no frantic last minute changes."
Vought Corporation
Proposal Manager

". . . thank you for the tremendous job you did on the ARPA proposal. . .it serves as an example of the correct way to attack [a proposal]."
Westinghouse Norden Systems
Director Business Development

"I see that Rob Ransone has done a lot of good work in laying out the [RFP Shredouts]. I know that will be useful in your proposal preparation."
Former Commander, ASD/WPAFB
Lt.Gen. USAF, Ret.

"I wish I could write like you do."
Fairchild Republic Company

"I never would have thought to do it that way. It makes sense."
American Beryllium Company
Vice President Marketing Loral

"God, that's good! I sure like the way you write!"
Unisys Corporation
Vice President C4I Systems

"I don't know where we found you, but thank God we did!"
Rotary Power International

"Our transition plan (which was not required by the RFP) [that Rob argued us into] and the reference to it throughout the proposal was outstanding, was a very significant strength, and the Navy wished that it could be used as a model for all of industry." (after Navy Procurement Debrief)
Vitro Corporation
Program Manager

"Rob is incredible. I'll talk to him about something and he just sits there starring at me, blinking. Then he turns around to his computer and starts typing, and out comes this beautiful prose that is exactly what I wanted to say."
Fairchild Republic Company
Program Manager

"It's embarrassing when our consultant has been here only a week and knows more about our program than we do."
Westinghouse Norden Systems
Director of Business Development

"How do you come up with all of this good stuff? You've written [Giant Corp's] Systems Engineering section for all of their future proposals."
Engineered Proposals
Senior Proposal Specialist

"This morning, Rob Ransone handed out his rewrite of the segment architecture section, and it is one of the smoothest pieces of writing that I have seen on this proposal."
Arvin Calspan Corporation
Proposal Manager

"This proposal has been a joy to work with; all the required information is presented in a clear easy to follow manner so that we had very few questions technically or on price or terms . . . It is really appreciated when a Contractor takes the trouble to present his proposal in the Government's preferred format. "
Wright-Patterson AFB
R&D Procurement Directorate
Buyer Letter of Commendation, ASD/PMRSA

" . . . let me compliment [Widget Corporation] on an excellent overall approach . . . [RFP Shredouts] are concise and clear, and should result in optimum use of the page count limitations while minimizing the chance of omitting RFP requirements."
Loral Corporation
Red Team Member

"We couldn't have won without you."
Esterline Armtec

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