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Many companies find consultants to be a cost-effective solution to short-term or specialized needs. Consultants provide top talent economically!

We save you time and money by providing:

  • Special tools, skills, and expertise that you don’t have
  • Quick problem solutions developed from repeatedly handling similar situations
  • Aggressive progress because we are project-oriented and free from company responsibilities
  • Objective points of view to "keep you honest"
  • Catalysts for innovative changes that can permanently improve your own organization and procedures
  • Budget relief from high overhead costs of permanent, specialized staffs

Ransone Associates, Inc. (RAI), offers a wide variety of proposal support services from which you can select what you need:

  • Proposal Planning and Strategies
  • Storyboard Planning and Reviews
  • Writing
  • Integrated Program Management (IPM) - CWBS, CSOW, IMP, IMS, BOE, Cost/Pricing, Risk Management
  • Book (Volume) Management
  • Control Center Management
  • Full-time Proposal Management
  • Setting Up Red Team Reviews
  • Proposal Formatting To "Camera Ready"
  • Turn-key Proposal Support

Our proposal specialists bring their own personal computers to the job site, including the POW2000 automated Proposal Management System software, and other Ransone Associates, Inc., licensed installed software, as needed. Our software enables our PCs to communicate with Macintosh hardware and software.

Off-site Proposal Support

Utilizing our POW2000 software, we can organize your proposal to ensure 100% compliance with the RFP Section L and 100% responsiveness to every RFP proposal and program requirement directly from our home office – NO TRAVEL EXPENSES! We can deliver hard copy and media copy by FedEx, and e-mail an electronic copy of the following:

  • Outline - Top-level outline specified by RFP Section L, Section M, and SOW/SOO
  • Proposal RunningStart™ - RFP requirements, win strategies, and themes mapped to your proposal outline.
  • Cross Reference Matrices – RFP to Proposal and Proposal to RFP Cross Reference Matrices
  • Depending upon the size of the RFP, this option is estimated to take from four to seven days (delivery date based on 50 pages per day)
Proposal RunningStart™

This is an MS Word document that includes, for each proposal paragraph, your author's name, page budget, RFP requirements, your win strategies and themes, a Storyboard Outline form, and space to begin writing your proposal. This provides a continuum of everything your authors need to organize, structure, and draft your proposal. It also provides a means to review your Storyboard Outline on-line or hard copy, and to review your draft against the requirements and Storyboard Outline. This is invaluable for distributed/virtual proposal work. We offer this service either on site or off site. Off site pricing is $3,500 plus $16 per RFP page.
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