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Ransone Associates, Inc., set up the Proposals Organized to Win (POW) proposal management methodology and programmed it to run on DOS-based PC computers in 1985. In 1997, they re-hosted the program to run under Microsoft Office Professional 95/97 and renamed it POW95. In 2000 POW was re-hosted to run under MS Office Professional 2000-2003.  As 22-year proposal veterans, the RAI staff members are primarily proposal specialists and secondarily computer programmers, therefore, POW95 is tuned to be especially helpful to the Proposal Manager and the Proposal Team. The program is focused upon the Proposal Manager—helping to do his or her routine tasks while providing essential hands-on control. POW95 works for the user—the user doesn't work for the computer.

Easy to Use: Functions Accessed from One Main Menu

  • Intuitive: see what you need to do
  • Print online help screens
  • Pop-up control tips
  • Drop-down lists for option selection
  • Click of a button printing or exporting of data you select
  • Print preview before you print hard copy

Flexible: Works The Way You Do

  • Enter any or all sections of the RFP
  • Unlimited room for RFP requirements
  • Number your proposal paragraphs as you wish
  • You control RFP shredout to proposal
  • Export data to your authors' word processor, spreadsheet, or project manager
  • Customize any program functions, data entry screens, printout formats, and import/export functions

Data Input: Easy Importing of Text Files

  • Hosted on Microsoft Office Professional Edition
  • Proposal outline can be developed in your word processor
  • RFP input can be imported from your word processor
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